Monday, April 15, 2013

[13/365] Back in Town

[13/365] Back in Town by goaliej54

I didn't take any good photos on Saturday, so I am cheating by using another photo from Friday. My project, my rules. ;)

I was happy to be back at the Dunk (Dunkin Donuts Center) to see some hockey, after the team was on the road for the past two weekends. We were excited to be celebrating their Atlantic Division clinch, and getting ready for the Calder Cup playoffs. They won, 3-2, that night and my friends and I had the added excitement of watching a pane of the glass pop out right in front of us (we sit in the second row). Luckily, it didn't hit us and we were fine (the guys in front of us had a few cuts and bruises, but I think they were OK). Maybe we need to go back to the days when the boards were duct taped together. :)

Always a good time.

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