Hello. As you may have guessed, my name is Jessica. Welcome to my journal.

I started this blog back in 2008 as a pregnancy journal, with the intent of making it into a "baby update" journal for friends and family. While I still write about my son a lot, this blog has really evolved into a platform to discuss many aspects of my life, and an opportunity to share some of the photographs I love to take.

I have two full time jobs: I am a website developer and a mom. I love both, but wish I had more hours in the day. When I have spare time, I also love to take photographs, write, watch or play hockey, and dance (very poorly, at Zumba class). I am a New England sports enthusiast, and I especially enjoy cheering on the Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots.

I am a bit jealous of some of the clever blog names out there, but as much as I have racked my brain, I can't think of anything better to call this one. And I do like to keep things simple and to the point. This is me, this is my journal. I hope you enjoy it.