Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wordless Wednesday: Animals and May Flowers

I seem to be getting one blog post in a month lately, so each time I feel like I am playing catch-up. Things have just been crazy, but I hope they will wind down sometime soon. I'm hoping for a relaxing summer, but we will see! On a related note, I opted to not update my domain name for the site, since I don't feel I use it often enough. So, I am back to the plain ol' blogspot address. It works for my purposes.

But enough chatter. On to the photos!

Josh had school vacation in mid-April, and I took a day off with him to go to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. We saw my favorites, the penguins...


... and some beautiful fish ...


... and the seals, one of which wanted to eat Josh's stuffed penguin.


And of course, we got the obligatory beluga whale shot.
They are known for being quite friendly (and a bunch of hams!)


One particularly lovely evening, Joshua wanted to play mini-golf, but we had no luck finding a place still open. So we took a stroll down to the beach and watched the (almost) full moon appear over the water. I wish I had brought a better camera than my phone, but I captured it as best as I could.



On May 1st, we went to see the circus in Providence. I am usually anti-circus because I feel bad for some of the big animals, so I hadn't gone since I was very young, and had never brought Joshua.  However, I heard it was the elephants' last few performances before retiring, so I was curious to see the show. We saw them perform their second to last show, and while it was very impressive, I am glad they will be going to a place where they will hopefully have plenty of room to roam.


Finally, I broke out the good ol' DSLR for a few photos last week. I've really missed photography and think I really need to find time in my schedule every week to take photos. I feel really out of practice with it, and it has always been something very relaxing and rewarding for me.





Hope you are all enjoying a very lovely Spring!

I normally link up with Ruchira for Wordless Wednesday, but there's no link today. So this is my solo Wordless Wednesday offering. I hope you enjoyed it!

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