Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MixTape: (My) History of Dance

We have a special Mix Tape this week. The topic is: Favorite Dance or Club Music. This list was suggested by our own Kir from The Kir Corner. Her younger brother suddenly passed away last month, but through this tragedy she has a bright spot in her heart. Her brother was a DJ and loved great Dance music. Don’t feel sad, this is to celebrate his life! In her words "I know that he would love it, he loved music, he loved people dancing and enjoying themselves." Here's to your brother, Kir!

As far as I can remember, I have always loved music, and dancing. I am a terrible dancer, but I can't help but sway along to any song with a good beat. I am told this started when I was a baby, and I would dance to pretty much any song my parents would play. They loved their disco music, so of course that meant listening to a lot of Bee Gees.

As I got older, I discovered Madonna. My step-cousins and I just adored her. Her Who's That Girl tour was our first concert (July 9, 1987... I was almost 11). And her music was the center of many a living room dance party, both with them at my dad's house, and at home with my mom and brother. My brother and I also liked to listen to Michael Jackson, and I remember him doing MJ impressions as we danced. He was about 3, and all I can say is it's a shame Smart Phones and Facebook weren't around back then. So. Cute.

I went through a heavy metal phase for a while, and then, in middle school, I discovered the New Kids on the Block. Enter several dance parties with my school friends, and one concert with one of those friends. Our first parent-free concert! This time, we weren't just listening to music and dancing, we were watching videos of the guys dancing and swooning. Not my finest hour. But look, Joey Joe is still cray adorbs:

Around that time, I also started listening to Boyz II Men, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice. All the classics. Then, it was pretty much anything that they sang on the Mickey Mouse Club, as I tried (unsuccessfully) to imitate their dance moves. I took dance class (modern jazz) around that time, but it was a total disaster. I wish someone had given me a hockey stick a little earlier in my life.

When I was finally old enough to hit the clubs with my friends, we did so as often as possible. We would just dance the entire night, singing the whole time. And possibly drinking a lot. And possibly doing a few Irish jigs. I can only imagine how that must have looked (and I wondered why guys never talked to me). All I can say is I'm thankful for no Smart Phones and Facebook in that era! My friends and I had a bunch of favorite songs, including Pour Some Sugar on Me, and this one:

After college and into the working life, I still went to the clubs a lot. I listened to pretty much any kind of music (and I still do today). One of my work friends introduced me to Titus Jones, who makes some fantastic mash-ups. This is one of my favorites:

These days, my chance to dance comes during concerts, at Zumba class, or with my son in the living room. I really enjoyed this one on The Voice this season:

And this is one of Joshua's favorite dance tunes (which will earn me Mother of the Year, I'm sure):

Finally, I leave you with a song that has been in my head all day. You're welcome.

What songs make you want to dance?
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