Sunday, January 5, 2014

[277/365] Winter Fun

Joshua was home from school because of the snow, and I was home from work because of vacation, so that meant a morning of watching movies (Fox and the Hound is his new favorite -- thanks, Netflix!) and an afternoon of playing in the snow. Although, by afternoon, I mean about an hour, because it was about 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Despite all of our layers, we really started to feel it once the sun went down below the trees and the wind picked up.






I was able to make it to the Providence Bruins game that night, too, despite the fact that Providence did not want to plow their streets or clean their sidewalks. (Near the Dunk, at least.) Luckily, I got a close parking spot, because it was cold! The temperature when I returned home? -4 degrees. Brr.


And we're still enjoying our Christmas lights. They just look so fabulous in the snow.