Sunday, January 5, 2014

[278/365] Mini the Snowman

The snow that fell this week was very dry and fluffy, due to the extremely cold temperatures. It's great for skiing, but not so great for sledding (in an inner tube, anyway) or building a snowman. We tried to sled and sunk right into the snow. After packing down a couple of sled trails, we were able to make it down to the bottom of the hill, but very slowly. The snowman building was impossible, as the snow would not stick together. Finally, we decided to use the snowball maker and, very carefully, built a mini snowman.


Another successful project was building a snow castle using beach toys. I know this might put me on the crazy list (wait... I'm already on that), but I would much rather sit in the snow in my ski gear and build a snow castle than sit on the beach in my swimsuit and build one out of sand. So much better in so many ways. I love the beach and all, but I like it for the water, not the sand. The cool, not the hot.


Did I mention I'd love to live somewhere where there's snow on the ground from November to April? It's so fun, and so pretty. And I don't mind driving in it. (Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive.)



We brought this pretty pinecone in with us. Joshua wants to use the peanut butter and birdseed trick to make a bird feeder, but considering that, before the snow, we found what appears to be bear scat in the back yard (back woods), maybe that's not so wise. Then again, they're hibernating right now, right? So maybe we can do it.