Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two Lists for the Price of One

Happy Holidays!

Although this is a really stressful time of year, it's also my favorite. Right now, it's snowing outside, our white lights are sparkling out there, and it's just gorgeous. I love finding the perfect gifts for people (especially children), but do wish that Christmas were more about family, friends, music, and Jesus than the scramble for gifts, wrapping, and sending cards. Call me Scrooge, but actually I think I am more like Charlie Brown. All set with the commercialism!

Anyway, in the spirit of Cyber Monday and Black Friday and all that nonsense, I am bringing you a two-for-one special this week! Basically, because I wanted to participate last week and I never had a chance to post.

From last week, the topic chosen by Kerstin:


1. No one wants to listen to my problems. We all have our own problems. I should save my energy for brainstorming solutions.
2. It is not impossible for me to lose weight and keep it off. Hallelujah!
3. How my heating system works.
4. With the proper equipment, a man can jump from the edge of our atmosphere back down to Earth... and live.
5. The back roads of my new town.
6. More about jQuery and CSS.
7. There are many negative aspects to my personality, but being shy and awkward keeps me humble, and being sensitive helps me to always appreciate the beauty around me. I'm working on challenging the negatives and embracing the positives.
8. The true meaning of unconditional love (thanks, Josh :)).
9. My next lens purchase should be a fast glass (if anyone sees any good deals, please let me know!).
10. Olivier Dunrea writes the cutest children's books.

And from this week, the topic chosen by Jessica:



My top 5 from Instagram (I know, not exactly stellar numbers ;)), and 5 other random photos of my favorite boy:

Whale tails

Water painting at the zoo. I see a cat.  #latergram

Lazy morning

Day 9 - Small #fmsphotoaday #photoadaynov

Best Home Depot trip ever.

Make sure you check out Stasha and Melveen's list. They put together the coolest set of photos!  'Til next week... enjoy the season and try to stay sane, everyone! :)