Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to the Races

And... he's off! Off crawling, that is. Josh started with an army crawl for about a week, and now he's pretty proficient at moving on his hands and knees. Within the past couple of days, he has also mastered getting from his belly to a seated position, which is awesome because now he doesn't have to cry for me to pick him up and seat him. Yay!

We took Josh on his first road trip a couple of weeks ago, when we went to a friend's wedding in Bangor, Maine. He did pretty well on the five hour car trip; it helped that Grandma came along and sat with him in the back. He also slept well in the pack and play, and thanks to the room-darkening shades and going to bed a little later, he even let us sleep in. Well, the second night I had to sleep next to him in the extra bed to get a couple of extra hours, but that worked for me. He was great at the wedding. He slept during dinner and did a little dancing to the music afterwards. We all had a great time. Kevin and I even got to go out for a little while both nights while Grandma babysat. It was nice to get away for a few days.

It snowed in Massachusetts and Northern RI on our way home from Maine. Earliest snowfall I have ever seen, that I can remember. The Pats enjoyed an early snow game, as well. Always a good thing for them.

Another first for Josh was his haircut last week. He has long, thick hair already and it was growing long over his ears. It was getting annoying for him (he kept scratching his ears) so we brought him to Barber Joe to get it trimmed. Joe is the only person who has ever cut Kevin's hair. Josh had a little trouble holding still -- he wanted to look around -- but didn't cry or fuss at all. The other barber had a puppet to entertain him, and he just soaked up all of the attention. Little ham.

Josh's nine month checkup was fairly uneventful. He is now 18.5 lbs and almost 28 in. He seems to be on schedule, still in the 50th percentile. He got a seasonal flu shot, but they didn't have the H1N1 shot yet. The seasonal shot gave him a pretty big bump on the leg, so hopefully he won't have trouble with those shots in the future. I hate having to give him all of these vaccinations, but I also don't want him to catch anything bad.

I've been reading a lot of articles, blogs, etc. about parents with sick children, or children who have passed away. I guess that becomes inevitable when you read a lot of "mommy" information. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering like that, I am praying for the people about whom I read, and I can't thank God enough that my son is happy and healthy and that I can play with him during the day and hold him at night. Children are such a blessing, one I didn't really understand until I had my own. I love this little guy more than I could have ever imagined I would.

In closing, a few fun things about Joshua these days:
- He loves to have his teeth brushed. Sometimes, he grabs the brush from me and tries to do it himself. Actually, he does a pretty good job. He uses his left hand for this.
- He likes to try to grab the spoon when I feed him, also with his left hand. I haven't let him do this yet, fearing the mess. But one of these days, I might relax. I find a teething biscuit in a safe feeder is a better way for him to feed himself for now. He has also tried the puffs that melt in your mouth a few times. He can pick them up and get them into his mouth with no problem, but he needs to get better at the "mashing" of food. He seems grossed out by anything with any kind of texture, so I'm still letting him enjoy his purees and will introduce more textures slowly.
- I love how excited he gets when we walk in front of a mirror, esp. the bathroom mirror, for some reason. He lets out a squeal, the hand goes up into a high wave and he yells a cheerful, "Hi!" So cute. He did the same thing in church during the wedding in Maine. Not as cute there. Which brings me to...
- He loves to hear his voice echo. He has discovered that the dining room, which has no carpeting, has a slight echo -- so he makes noise every time we walk by it. The church also echoed. I hope Jeff and Jess enjoyed Josh's contribution to their wedding ceremony.
- He's trying really hard to say real words. He's pretty good at "duck" (I managed to get that one on video) and he's working on "Mickey." Most of the time, it's just babble, but boy does he crack himself up.
- His new favorite toy is "Baby Tad," a Leapfrog stuffed animal that "sings." (He's trying to figure out how this works by studying her mouth; it's adorable.) It has come in very handy for times when Josh doesn't want to do something -- like, get dressed -- or when he is crying. I can also just sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep," but Tad comes in handy when my throat starts to hurt. Love that frog!

I'm proud of the progress Josh has made, but at the end of the day, I still love holding him in my arms and rocking him.