Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time with Josh

It continues to amaze me just how much Joshua is changing.  It seems like the change is more rapid these days.  He is really growing and learning something new everyday.

This past weekend, we took Joshua to the beach for the first time -- just to put our feet in the water.  He seemed to love it, so I am hoping for good weather on Monday so we can go down and stay a while.  It's a RI holiday on Monday, and I took this Friday off.  I'm looking forward to my four-day weekend!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I have an arrangement at work where I work Wednesday mornings and evenings from home.  That leaves me the afternoon to hang out with Josh.  I'm loving it, although I find it hard to work in the mornings with him sometimes.  I think I make up for it in the evening, though; I work well with no distractions.

Wednesdays usually consist of errands, sometimes my allergy shots, and the Tot Gym class.  Today ended up being a lazy day -- we hung around the house once I was done working until it was time for class.  I took the opportunity to introduce Josh to his baby pool, which he loved.  He'd probably sit in there and splash all day if I let him.  Or until he got hungry, at least.  It was hot and humid, so I was OK with the fact that he got me soaked -- and it probably felt great to him, as well.  (When I tell you this kid sweats more than Ruben Studdard, I am not even kidding.)  After his class, I also introduced him to his sippy cup.  I gave him about an once and a half of water, most of which ended up on his bib.  He seemed to like what did land in his mouth, and did a great job at holding the cup and putting it in his mouth.  His only issue was what to do with the spout; he was trying to drink it like a bottle.  But he'll learn -- he always does, and fast.

He discovered Thomas the Train today.  I think he has seen it before, but it was the first time I saw him watch it.  I don't think he moved a muscle in the 15 minutes that we caught.  He is equally fascinated with Super Why and Sesame Street.  Anytime Elmo is on, he cracks up laughing.  It's too cute.  I don't let him watch too much TV, but he doesn't really have the attention span for it, anyway.  When I do, it's usually PBS, though we watched Ace of Cakes this evening while we were waiting for Kevin to come home.  Food Network is usually safe.

Other new things for Josh this week: sleeping on his stomach and pushing himself/"crawling" backwards.  If he's anything like his mama, he'll do everything better backwards, anyway.  We also started putting him into his highchair a couple of weeks ago (he's outgrowing the Bumbo), and we're packing up the bouncy seat.  I think the swing is going to be next.  Sigh.  He is growing way too fast.