Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Things are quite crazy in our household these days. We are working hard to get the house ready to sell (open house is in 12 days!) and have had other commitments. Kevin's birthday was this past weekend; we celebrated by attending the Country Fest concert at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, and a wedding on Sunday. This meant not seeing my little man much this weekend, but he had fun with Grandma and Nana, and Kevin and I got to spend some time together.

Josh seems to have had a major growth spurt in the past couple of weeks. He's pretty much done with his 3-6 month clothes, and size 2 diapers. He's getting taller and filling out. He also started eating full jars of the stage 2 baby food in the past week; he used to eat just half. He's making some progress with crawling. I caught him pushing himself up on his hands and knees this morning in his crib, but he was still half asleep and pushing himself into the corner. I had to go "rescue" him, but I think he'll get it soon enough. Scary!