Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Six Months Going on Seven

So much for the six month update; Joshua will be seven months next Wednesday!  Time is just flying!

Joshua celebrated his half-birthday last month, with his Christening and a party with family and friends the day before.  Since his birthday is so close to Christmas, I am hoping to do something special with him on his half-birthday every year.  This year, we opened some of the 6+ month toys that I had put away until he was old enough.  There were a couple of toys that encourage him to sit up, so I have been propping him on the floor or couch (with supervision, of course) with these toys.  Let me tell you, in just three short weeks, Josh has made so much progress in being able to sit on his own.  He still falls every once in a while, but he is sitting really well.  Now, to work on the crawling!

I signed Josh up for a class at Bellani Maternity called "Tot Gym."  He's learning how to move, and developing social skills.  He absolutely loves it; he gets so excited and just smiles the whole time he's there.  He is such a social person, and especially likes being around other kids.  Most of the babies in the class are older than he, and I find this very helpful because he watches them do things like sit up and crawl.  Last week, he and a few of the other boys were in a circle on their bellies, and the other boys took off crawling.  Of course, my loud child tried to summon them back, but they were busy exploring.  I'm hoping this will help to motivate him to move, too.  Not that I really want to rush this... we still need to baby-proof the house!

Joshua went swimming for the first time this past weekend.  On Saturday, in Gigi's pool and on Sunday, in Grandma's.  He seemed to like it, but I think the water may still be too cool for him.  He's definitely not afraid of the water, though.  I had a feeling he wouldn't be, since he's usually pretty brave and he loves bath time.  We might need to invest in a baby pool.

At Josh's last doctor appointment a couple of weeks ago, he weighed 15lbs 9oz and was 25.5 inches.  I'm getting a nice workout carrying him around.  He actually tolerates the Ergo Baby carrier better now that's taller (he can look around), so I have been using that sometimes instead of the carseat carrier.  Much easier on the back!  I even bought some "sucking pads" at Bellani so he can chew on the straps.  Still no teeth, though.  Hopefully, they'll come in soon and stop torturing him.

Joshua continues to be a great sleeper.  Recently, he's been sleeping about 12 hours.  A couple of weekends ago, after he had his shots, he slept until 10:15am and 10:30am.  Unfortunately, he developed a low-grade fever from the shots this time, but he was still in good spirits.  Just a little sleepy.

Of course, after I wrote that, I could see him on the video monitor, moving around.  He's back into position (his favorite, sleeping on his side), but I'll try not to jinx myself again!  I hear a thunderstorm moving in; hopefully that won't wake him up.  No storm has woken him up so far -- he's definitely Kevin's son.

July has been a good month.  I had two three-day weekends: one for July 4th, and the next for my birthday.  It was nice to spend some more time with Kevin and Joshua.  That was the best birthday gift!  Although, I also enjoyed the dinners at Margaritaville, Crazy Burger, On the Border, and Texas Roadhouse; the mani/pedi with Kelly and Julie; the Pandora necklace from Kevin, Josh and Mom; and all of the other thoughtful gifts I received.  I'm a lucky gal!

Finally, in family news: we are looking for a new house.  We met with our real estate agent and are currently in the process of looking, and preparing our home for sale.  Exciting times for the Sweeney family!  We are hoping to find something with more room (inside and out) and more privacy, in a town with a good school system.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly, and we'll find our "dream house" within our budget.

'Til next time... enjoy the summer!