Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby Countdown: Week 26

Things have been busy in our household these days, preparing for the baby's arrival.  We've been trying to get things more organized, and to throw out all of the extra junk we don't need, to make room for baby supplies.  I can't believe we only have about three months left to go.  The pressure is on!  We are getting some insulation put into the attic soon, after which we can start painting and setting up the nursery.  We're hoping it will help us regulate the temperature upstairs (which is where we want to put the baby's and our rooms) as well as reduce our heating and cooling bills.  We also have plans to replace our downstairs refrigerator and our water heater with newer, more energy efficient models.

We haven't had another ultrasound, but we did go to a doctor appointment last Thursday.  Everything was fine.  I had my glucose screening (to test for gestational diabetes) done, and am awaiting the results.  The baby has been moving a lot, especially while I am at work or at Kevin's hockey games.  I haven't really felt him moving at night.  I hope he continues to stay awake during the day and sleep during the night after he's born!  Not likely, but I can hope!

We have spent a lot of time in Babies R Us and Target over the past month, trying to complete our registries.  We've read countless reviews about all kinds of products.  It's very overwhelming; it's just amazing how many items you need to take care of a baby -- and how many different kinds of those items there are.  I still have a ton of questions, and am keeping an eye on the reviews, especially for safety issues.  I guess we will just learn as we go.  I do have to say that at least it's been fun looking at all of these products.  It has definitely made me even more excited about the baby.  I guess it's becoming more "real" now.

Finally, I also wanted to share that Kevin's hockey team won their summer league championship the other night.  He was a very happy man, to say the least.  Congratulations, Inferno!