Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baby Countdown: Week 21

Kevin and I went for another ultrasound on Thursday (August 21). The baby was much more cooperative this time -- wide awake and moving the legs as well as the arms. Perhaps it was Kara's suggestion that I drink orange juice before I went for the exam? Or maybe the baby wanted to give his father a belated birthday gift. At any rate, we were able to find out the gender... it's a boy! We were both very excited to find out. Choosing a name and registering for baby items should be a little easier now. And Kevin is happy to be able to carry on the family name through his little hockey player.

We received some more pictures, but they only show his head. Well, except for the last one -- the proof that we have a little boy! Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image on Flickr:

Ultrasound #1 August 21, 2008 Ultrasound #2 August 21, 2008 Ultrasound #3 August 21, 2008 Ultrasound #4 August 21, 2008 Ultrasound #5 August 21, 2008

I can't wait to see what he really looks like!

As for me, I am getting big and having some inflammation in my ankles, feet and hands. I need to make sure I keep getting up to move when I am seated for a long time; I have to keep the circulation going. I feel best after yoga class, so I am thinking about getting a DVD to use in between classes (which are only once a week). For the last week or two, I have been feeling the baby move, which is pretty cool. He especially liked the Josh Gracin concert we attended at the Washington County Fair this weekend; he was moving the entire time! Hopefully, he was dancing, and not trying to get away. :)

Kevin took a belly picture this week (just for you, Dawn):

Week 21

Yikes! And I'm only going to get bigger.