Monday, November 3, 2008

Baby Countdown: Week 32

I can't believe that there are only 8 more weeks left until the baby is due. It seems like just yesterday we found out I was pregnant. Time is flying! Sorry to be slacking with the updates. There hasn't been anything too exciting to report, and I have been really tired since going into my third trimester. Every once in a while, I get a boost of energy (like yesterday, when I did some major cleaning) but most days, I have been pretty sleepy. My doctor appointments have been going well; the only issue at the moment is that the baby is breech, but the doctor assured us that this was very likely to change, as babies move around a lot. My yoga instructor passed along a couple of poses to try in case junior decides to be stubborn! My goal is natural childbirth with minimal medication, but we'll see what happens. Today was the baby shower. It was at one of my favorite places -- Chelo's on the Waterfront in Warwick. There was a rubber duck theme (so cute!) and the featured game was "Create a baby with Play-doh."

It was fun, and the baby will be very well dressed, and well equipped! Kevin and I worked on organizing the gifts tonight, but the amount of "stuff" is still somewhat overwhelming! It's amazing how much a little person needs.

That big blue bin is filled with clothes and blankets!

While the girls were having fun at the shower, Kevin and his friend Mike were hard at work on the nursery upstairs. They had to replace the outside-facing wall because of a leak in the window. Now we have a leak-free and insulated wall. They need to do a few more things before we can clean up and paint, but it's getting there. Also, the insulation work we had done to the upstairs was completed on Thursday, and we can feel the difference already.

There's a lot going on in the Sweeney household these days. I'll try to keep you updated more often as the baby's arrival date gets closer!