Thursday, October 30, 2014

Writer's Workshop: The Joshua Show

This week, I'm following the prompt: 4.) Hand your child a camera and share life captured from their perspective

I've done this prompt before, but I felt it was worth repeating, as Joshua always has something interesting to bring to the table. I didn't hand him a camera, per se, but I did go hunting on his iPhone (my old phone, which he uses as an iPod). For a while, he was into taking videos of himself, a little Vlogging, if you will. Here is life captured by my crazy kid.

The all-important instructional video:

Obviously bored while waiting for the bus (Bat Ring!):

The ever-popular funny face selfies:
IMG_2229 IMG_2238 IMG_2233

And cars! (Well, car.)

The self-proclaimed "Mayor of Crazytown" has been hard at work.

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