Monday, March 3, 2014

[335/365] We're Going to Need More Tissues

I spent a good part of this weekend resting, trying to get over this sinus infection / cold / whatever the heck it is because the antibiotics seem to have made it worse. Josh is congested, as well, so the scene below is what I have been finding in the morning. So many tissues. Today was one of those "stay in your pajamas and don't leave the house" kind of days, although I tried to convince Josh to go sledding in the back yard with me because I was starting to get cabin fever (but he didn't want to be too cold, or for either of us to feel worse, and of course, I felt that was probably wise). I feel like we wasted the whole weekend because we didn't do much of anything (we even skipped his hockey practice), which always frustrates me and also makes me feel guilty. But if quiet time allowed me to get better and Josh not to get worse, I guess it was worth it. Besides, we had plenty of time for Chutes and Ladders, car races, painting, and some good ol' vegging in front of the TV. And I kept him fed and caught up with the laundry, which I think might make me some sort of superhero.

PS: Please excuse this and the rest of my writing from the past week or so. And definitely blame it on the cold meds.

[335/365] We're Going to Need More Tissues