Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

Last night, a bunch of my favorite Mama bloggers began to post photos of themselves, in honor of Award Season and the #365FeministSelfie project. "The #365FeministSelfie is all about showing women as they are, no filter, no primping, no perfection, and perhaps no makeup." So they asked each other, "Who are YOU wearing?" on the Red Carpet of parenthood, and answered quite honestly. The results were part hysterical, part thought-provoking, and totally beautiful.

I wanted to play, too.

I loathe pictures of myself, am sick (coming down with a cold) today, and am totally disgusted with myself, having gained back ten of the thirty-five pounds I lost two years ago. The diet doesn't start until next week, but I went ahead and took some photos tonight. Because it's not about being perfect, it's about learning to be happy with ourselves no matter where we are in life. To be accepting of ourselves, which hopefully in turn will lead us to be more accepting of others. Although, I always have much more trouble with the former.

Glasses by JC Penney, sweatshirt by Gap. Not pictured: Levi's jeans and the ugliest winter boots ever .

When I was a young girl, I dreamt of being an actress. Mainly so I could be in an Indiana Jones movie, but also because it just seemed like so much fun. One thing I never really cared about, though, was the Red Carpet. I never really paid much attention to fashion and always thought the Hollywood types dressed weird. If there were any celebrity whose style I would copy today, it would be Princess Kate (and if I were that thin, I would do so). I'll never be a Gaga.

I prefer being on the other side of the camera, anyway.

Camera by Canon. Hair by Tresemme.

The grand entrance I did dream about was the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. I wanted to be an Olympian more than anything. I skated, skied, and swam, learned gymnastics and basketball, but unfortunately, I was not blessed with tremendous athletic ability. I excelled in school, and was therefore encouraged to put my energy into that, and not supported in my athletic endeavors. Probably wise, but a girl can dream. And when I started to play hockey the year after I graduated from college, I was pleased to find that there was at least one sport I could play decently.

Mask by Heaton. Glove by Itech. Stick by TPS. Jersey by Nike.

Along with the other moms, I have to agree, though. My son is definitely my best accessory.

PJs by Carter's. Otoscope by Fisher Price.

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