Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[225/365] Peek-a-Boo Moon

My Veterans' Day mainly consisted of taking advantage of some sales and teaching Joshua how to play checkers. (I also introduced him to fortune cookies, which he thinks are the coolest cookies ever. Well, maybe second to maple leaf cookies.) Nothing too patriotic, although we did take a moment to send my uncle a photo of Joshua holding a flag. Normally, we visit the graves of loved ones who had served, but we didn't today. I felt a little guilty about that.


Joshua wanted me to take a video of him saying his pledges. The second one may have melted my heart.

(We're working on "flag respect." Crazy kid.)

I took a moment to reflect this evening while outside watching the moon play peek-a-boo in the clouds. I'm so thankful I am free to enjoy days like today, and I appreciate others' sacrifices which allow me to do so. I could never be as brave as they are. But I can forever be grateful.

[225/365] Peek-a-Boo Moon