Saturday, November 9, 2013

[222/365] Leaf Collection

I think this week's "Finish the Sentence Friday" topic was my favorite of this link-up ever -- and they always prove to be entertaining. There are a lot of people with amazing mothers out there, and it's really interesting to see how many of us have similar childhood stories (even similar electrocution stories -- just fantastic!).

One of my favorites to read was Lizzy's heartwarming story about collecting leaves for her mother as a young girl. I think it hit home because (1) Joshua has quite the leaf collection going on right now and (2) her mother sounds like the mother I am striving to be for my son. At any rate, it inspired me to take some photos of Joshua's leaf collection, before they fade away. I went the lazy route tonight, but maybe I'll dump the bag and get some better shots tomorrow.

[222/365] Leaf Collection