Monday, April 9, 2012

The Car List

Stasha is requesting a list of anything having to do with the road for this week's Listicles. I'm going with...

10 Things You Will Find in My Car at Any Given Time

1. Car seat. Little Man's ride.
2. Ice scraper. I've only used it once in the past year, but you never know.
3. Winter gloves. Yep, you never know.
4. Pink and purple lei. It usually only gets used once a year for CountryFest, but it adds a nice splash of color to my black and gray car for the rest of the year.
5. Reusable bags. Be green.
6. Screwdrivers. I have no idea what I would use these for, but if I need them, they're there.
7. Gum. Very important.
8. Change. Especially useful at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru.
9. Coupons. Although, I usually forget these in said car.
10. Bruins decor. Of course. ;)

Moon Over Rte 37
And, err, a camera. :)