Saturday, November 9, 2013

[221/365] Bare

I've felt compelled to write more this week, and in turn, have been slacking on the photos. I usually get the shakes when I haven't taken a photo in like ten minutes, but I didn't seem to have the bug over these past couple of days. I guess it doesn't help that I haven't been feeling the best, and that I am missing all the gosh-dern sunsets while I am still at work. In a windowless office. It's a tragedy, people.

I learned an important lesson last night, though: Always have a decent camera on hand. I saw the best. scene. ever. in the Kohl's parking lot, and all I had was my iPhone.


I wanted to zoom in on those lovely orange trees and capture the large size of the moon, which was much taller and thinner in real life (the camera adds a few pounds), and which was shining so perfectly down on them. Sigh. I will just console myself with the fact that I probably wouldn't have captured it perfectly, even with my D-SLR, and I should just feel blessed to have enjoyed that rare lovely and peaceful moment in the middle of retail madness.

So, anyway. I took this photo this morning to use for Day 221 instead. The trees are looking bare, and it smelled like snow in the air as I left work tonight. Winter is a-comin'.

[221/365] Bare