Wednesday, October 30, 2013

[211/365] Just For You

Sometimes, I have those thoughts.

The ones that say I'm not good at anything, that people don't like me, that no one cares about me, that no one is on my side. The ones that make me hate myself. That make me doubt my writing, my photography, and everything else I share here. That make me question why I even take the time to do this and share it, because who is really going to appreciate it?

But the thing is, although I share in case anyone is interested, it's not for anyone else. It's not to make money or become famous (although, I have made some online friends, and that's pretty cool). It's for me. Photography is my passion, and I also love to write. They both make me feel better, whether anyone ever sees my work or not. I know I am not the best photographer or writer, but if they make me happy, who cares?

I am so hard on myself, probably a lot more critical than anyone else would ever be. It's time to put away those thoughts and just live for what fills me with joy.

[211/365] Just For You

These beads were just for me, too. A gift from Joshua.


And, totally random because that's how I roll -- here are the latest editions to our pumpkin family. I carved these before I left last week and the bottom one is already completely rotted. So sad, but we enjoyed it while we could.