Sunday, October 27, 2013

[210/365] Peaceful

We spent the afternoon at our home away from home -- the zoo. They were having their "Spooky Zoo" celebration, and we wore our costumes (cowboy gear). The water in the Moon Bear exhibit was rather peaceful. Joshua always likes to stand here and look "under the sea."


We got to take a look at some of the pumpkins from the zoo's Pumpkin Spectacular. They're much cooler when lit up, but it was also nice to get to enjoy them up close, and without a big crowd.

IMG_6314 IMG_1219

My little cowboy could have fit inside that huge pumpkin.


Halloween decorations were everywhere.


The animals all had pumpkins in their exhibits. The anteater seemed to appreciate it the most.


This morning, before the zoo, we went to a local farm for a hayride and corn maze (and delicious food that I should not have eaten). It was a cool, breezy, dry and sunny day, and so peaceful to walk among the corn stalks. The hayride was really nice and peaceful, as well. It was a busy day, but just perfect for enjoying the cooler Autumn weather.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to watch the rest of the Red Sox game. That is not peaceful at all. :)