Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday Listicles: The Favorite Meal List

Today, I am joining up with Stasha's weekly "Monday Listicles" (see link below for more information). It's been way too long!

You can probably guess my heritage by this list. Or, at least the part of it with yummy food. From my German and Danish sides, I pretty much only appreciate the desserts.


1. Burrito bowl from Chipotle. I never met a burrito I didn't like (my dad doesn't call me "Burrito Breath" for nothing), but I especially love the bowls there. I skip the tortilla these days because I need to limit my gluten intake.
2. Dad's Enchiladas (Bonus: smothered in green chili sauce, Colorado/New Mexico style)
3. Pretty much anything at Mexico in Providence. Burritos, gorditas, tostadas, tamales. All delicious, authentic food from a Guatemalan family. Their pinto beans are to die for!
4. Chili burgers from Dan's Place (my dad's are really good, too). I get mine minus the bun and cheese (I'm dairy free, too... fun!), with sweet potato fries. In my dad's hometown in Colorado, these are usually served open-faced, with fries on top and chili covering the whole thing. So good.
5. Margarita Grilled Chicken from Chili's. Salsa on the side. Nom nom nom.
6. Bacon-Infused Meatloaf from Iron Works Tavern in Warwick, RI. I am not a huge meatloaf fan, but I am salivating just thinking about this. Best. Meatloaf. Ever. With delicious mashed potatoes on the side.
7. Huevos Rancheros. I was so sad I didn't get to have these out in Colorado this last time. I am going to have to make them at home.
8. Fuji Apple Chicken Salad from Panera Bread. Perfect in the summer.
9. Guinness Beef Stew. Beef stew is awesome, especially in the colder months. Add Guinness and it's just Heavenly. I have to do this in moderation, for sure. Not gluten free.
10. Mom's Beef and Egg Noodles. She calls it goulash, but it's made with bigger chunks of meat (not ground beef). And it's delicious!

I need to add a #11 -- any kind of fish. Fish and chips, salmon, Cajun catfish or tilapia. And I also love fish tacos (of course)!

Now that I've made myself hungry... what are your favorite meals?