Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[99/365] Comfort Food

Mom and Josh baked some blueberry bread this afternoon. Definitely not gluten-free, but exactly what I wanted tonight. And the strawberries make it totally healthy!

[99/365] Comfort Food

Actually, I ate too much gluten today, and have been eating badly in general. My stomach is mad at me, and I've gained a few pounds. Time to go back on the diet! Of course, this is birthday festivity week, so it may have to start next week. But I'll go to Zumba on Thursday so I won't feel too guilty.

My favorite savory food right now? Avocados. Especially guacamole style. So good!


Sorry if my posts have been so lame lately; I am a terrible blogger. I have a lot on my heart right now that I wish I could express, but it's not appropriate to discuss with the Internets, and believe me -- no one wants to hear it. I have been taking a break from writing and focusing more on my photos, to keep myself from being/sounding negative. But I do miss writing and maybe all I really need to be is honest, right? We'll see. I have 266 more photos to post for my project, so I'll keep those coming. My photos are probably better than my writing, anyway. ;)