Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Writer's Workshop: Deep Thoughts

I am choosing two of the prompts for this week's Writer's Workshop. Hi, I am an overachiever. Want to play along? Click on the logo at the bottom of this post for more information.

2.) Write a post in just 12 lines.

We all come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences, and have different personalities.

We come to the table with these different elements and may see the same scenario in totally different ways.

It can be hard to communicate because of this.

Sometimes it causes fights or feelings of resentment when we refuse to see any other view then our own.

We all just want to be accepted and understood, but we need to take the time to accept others as they are and as they came, and take the time to understand them.

You can't just look at someone's social networking site and know them immediately -- even if they post every meal they've eaten and thought that has crossed their mind that day -- but social media can be a good starting point, and can introduce many people who would never have met otherwise.

However, I believe we also need to take the time to sit down and actually talk with a person to get to know them.

Open minds, no judging.

Just empathy, compassion, and willingness to accept.

As a shy girl (well, woman, but I often feel like a little, awkward girl on the inside) this is very hard for me, but even if it's not in-person/face-to-face, real, honest, meaningful conversations can be so good for us.

We need those conversations, and we need people in our lives that are willing to have them with us, so we can be heard and understood.

And it is so important for us to hear other people, so we will not only have another perspective and can continue to learn and grow, but so they can be heard and feel good and cared for.

3.) Your favorite summer view so far.


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