Monday, April 29, 2013

The Acronym List

Acronyms. So popular in American corporate and texting culture, perfect for those of us who are too lazy to type. At work, I could probably write an entire email with acronyms alone, and most people there would probably understand it.

Jennifer suggested that we list our favorites this week for Monday Listicles. I'll spare you the work ones; here are some of my favorite everyday acronyms.


1. LOL (laughing out loud) -- I definitely overuse this one, but in my defense, I also find pretty much anything hilarious. Especially this time of year, when I am hopped up on the Benedryl.
2. LMAO (laughing my arse off) -- Reserved for those times when I am laughing so hard, I start crying. Maybe it should be LMEO.
3. OMG (oh. my. gosh.) -- Becky, look at her... oh, sorry. Used when something is really shocking. Or I want to play Valley girl.
4. WTF (what the frijoles?) -- Often used when the Bruins aren't playing very well, or the referees are making bad calls. One of the rare ones I sometimes spell out when I am speaking. Because we all know that F isn't for frijoles.
5. LMK (let me know) -- A favorite when I'm texting.
6. NP (no problem) -- We use this one at work, but sometimes I use it when texting. Although, my phone likes to change it to "no" and then I just confuse people.
7. TTYL (talk to you later) -- Not quite as cool as TTFN, but it works.
8. OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) -- Must line things up straight. Must organize code so everything is indented correctly. Must wipe my mouth after every bite of food. I'm better than I used to be, mainly because I am too tired. Once I have the energy, I'd love to alphabetize something, though. :)
9. SOG (shots on goal) -- A hockey acronym. I only mention it because my friend saw it on a score board once and asked, "What does that stand for? Son of a gun?" And all season it was, "We had 50 sons of a gun and couldn't even pull out a win." LOL
10. TMI (too much information) -- Sometimes, it's necessary to pull out the "Whoa! TMI!" Sometimes while listening to pop or rap music, or watching reality TV.

Have a good week, everyone. :)