Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's very early Sunday morning, and I can't sleep. Scavenger Hunt time? Sure. Although I'll regret the late night when Josh wakes up early tomorrow morning. Sigh. I'm going all Instagram again this week because I had an accident with my camera. Being as graceful as I am, I dropped it and the lens cap got jammed on my favorite lens. I'll be on a mission to get that fixed this week!

1. Crossed
Slightly obsessed with sunsets
Crossed trees

2. A Glimpse
This winter, playing in the snow = dancing in the snow flurries
Just a glimpse of snow from the several snow squalls we had today (you have to look closely for the snow!).

3. Handwritten
The Log
My diet log. I left out the weight, but am happy to announce I have lost 10lbs as of this week. Woot!

4. Bliss
Fiesta Tonight
Guinness, an autograph session with one of the Patriots, and a hockey game (a win for the PBruins). Last night was my kind of bliss!

5. Gray
Snow Ahead
Snow squalls in the distance.