Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Birthday List

OK, so it's not really a birthday list, but as I prepare to add a year to my age tomorrow, it seemed appropriate that the list chosen by Deborah this week would cause me to reflect a bit on my life. So here you go: 10 things I would or would not miss if I were to die.

Things I Would Miss
1. My family, esp. that sweet little boy of mine
2. Instagram, taking photos
3. Burritos, strawberry shortcake, other good eats
4. Hockey, baseball
5. Music
6. Nature, clouds, sunset, moon
7. American Idol, Glee, The Sing Off, The Voice
8. Del's Lemonade, sweet tea, and good coffee
9. Swimming
10. Friends

Although, I am assuming Heaven will have at least some of these things.  The people (eventually), if anything.

Things I Would Not Miss
1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Depression
4. Hatred
5. Hot, humid weather
6. Decisions
7. Traffic
8. Counting calories
9. Cleaning
10. Work

Have a good week! :)