Sunday, March 4, 2012

The TGIF List

I totally missed Monday Listicles this week. We've had an unwanted visitor in our house since last Sunday -- the stomach flu. It has hit Josh the hardest, and the ordeal has even included had a quick trip to the Children's Hospital ER at 3am Thursday morning. He was fine after that trip until last night. Sick again. Hoping it goes away soon, but at least we have some anti-nausea meds from the hospital that seem to work pretty well for him.

I figured I'd combine my list with Jennifer's TGIF linky, even though she's not doing it this week. Here are 10 Good Things About This Week. Trying to keep positive!

1. Enjoyed some quality snuggle time with Josh.
2. Caught up on laundry. Lots of laundry. And dishes.
3. Didn't have to buy any gas for my car.
4. Didn't have to go out in the snow/rain/sleet we had Wednesday and Thursday. Well, except for Wednesday night.
5. Washed a few floors, so... caught up on housework!
6. Gave in to my Twitter and Instagram obsessions.
7. Got lots of rest, though not lots of sleep.
8. Two words: weight loss!
9. Play-doh, puzzles, and other fun quiet time activities.
10. Sick time and health insurance. So grateful for them!


As for the real list topic this week, "top ten pros/ cons of attending your class reunion" (topic by Rachel) we still have not had a reunion for my class, and I don't think we ever will. I see my best friends from school every other month or so, and talk to others on Facebook. That is just fine with me. :)