Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scavenger Hunt, The Instagram Edition

Time once again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I've been having some fun with Instagram this week, so I decided to go with an all-Instagram version of the Hunt. Please enjoy and have a great week, everyone!

1. Facial Feature
Those lashes! I tried for a better picture but he either didn't sit still, or hid from the camera. So, I shot this all stealth-like.

2. Shadow
Spotted this cool shadow on my walk the other day.

3. Spicy
Yummy The Good Stuff
Two takes on this one. I took the second for this prompt, but the first just cracked me up.

4. Gold
Антон Худобин (Anton Khudobin)
Black and Gold, baby! (Go Bruins.)

5. Fabric
Cute Curtains
I saw these curtains at the store. I think I might need them for my house. :)