Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Passion List

Um, not THAT kind of passion.

This Monday Listicle post is WAY overdue, thanks to being busy (catching up from Girls' Weekend) and Josh not sleeping well. I am tired. This week's topic is Passion, in honor of Jackie's friend Marilyn. So sorry for your loss, Jackie. It sounds like your friend was a wonderful person.

If I get a little preachy, I apologize. Can't be passion without a strong opinion, right?

1. God. I believe there is a "higher being" who has created us and loves us, because I have always felt Him there. I think that religion is a deeply personal thing, and no one can tell us what to believe. We should trust our feelings on it. Of course, when everyone feels something different, that causes issues. That makes me sad, because I think God just wants us to feel that He's there for us, that He loves us. And I think that He wants us all to get along and stop using Him as an excuse to feel like we can act superior to each other. We all need each other, and Him, in this big, bad world.
2. Equal rights. This is a big one for me. I truly believe in the words "Love one another." We are all the same, no one is better than anyone else. We all make mistakes, and we should all be treated the same. I believe that we should allow same-sex marriage. This would allow several of my friends to be given the chance to marry. "Love does no harm to its neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law." - Romans 13:10 The only harm is treating others like second-class citizens.
3. My son. I've learned there is nothing like the love a parent has for their child.
4. Family. I am close to my large, extended family. I love them and know we will always be there for each other.
5. Sports. Like many New Englanders, I love my sports and support my local teams. This can be emotional at times. :)  It's been good lately, but hasn't always been.
6. Photography. Art in general, but photography's always been special to me. I remember being 6 years old, looking out the car window, and framing a picture in my mind. And wanting my parents to stop the car so I could take the picture! I love capturing special moments and beautiful sights.
7. Music. I love all kinds of music. If I had any musical talent, I probably would have pursued some sort of music career. It can make me so happy, or so sad; excited, or relaxed. And I love how, when I am having a bad day, I can put on one of my favorite songs and just instantly feel better.
8. Peace. I don't believe in war as a solution to anything. It's selfish to hurt others, break up families, etc. to get what a few leaders want. I think we need to take better care of each other and learn to all get along. I know this is highly optimistic and unrealistic at this point, but a girl can dream!
9. Nature. It always makes me happy. I try to do things to keep it happy, too.
10. Love. Freedom. Happiness. Sustainable energy. The list could go on. Holy smokes, I should have been a hippy!

And while we're on the topic of passion, this is my favorite song right now. The song is about the US but could apply to our world community, as well. Enjoy.