Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's a Start

I loved Stasha's post today (isn't she gorgeous?), but it does make me sad. Being the amateur photographer in these parts, I am in very few photos. The ones I am in, I just want to delete because I can't stand how I look. I won't even let other people photograph me. "When I lose 50 pounds, I'll take a new Facebook profile picture." Sigh. Who knows when that will ever happen? Besides, I've never liked photos of myself, even when I was 50 pounds lighter.

Stasha does make a good point, though. Don't I owe it to my son, and perhaps grandchildren, to leave some photos of myself? I know I love looking at old photos of family and trying to get an idea of how life was back then, and what they were like. I of all people should understand how important photography and preserving the precious moments of life can be. Maybe it isn't so vain to take a self portrait now and then. If I don't like it, if no one else likes it, I think at least Josh will. And that makes it worth it.

Also, I lost 2.8 pounds on my diet so far (Today was "Weigh-in Wednesday." I purposely chose Wednesday because alliteration is awesome.), so let's celebrate!




They're not as good as Stasha's, but I'll work on it. :)