Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sunday Scavenger Hunt [1/8/12]

It's time once again for the Sunday Scavenger Hunt! Well, technically, it's Tuesday, but who's counting?  I only thought to look at the list on Sunday, so I caught a few things around the house. Here we go.

1. One Color

The blank slate before the little guy started drawing.

2. Laundry

My hockey laundry while it was still clean. You can see my purple/black/white jersey and the Denver Broncos bandanna I wear under my mask.  Go Tebow! :)  I play a couple of miles away from Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots.  I like both teams, so next weekend's face-off should be fun to watch.

3. Empty

Empty box of crayons.

4. One Dozen

Twelve crayons, out of the box. :)

5. Soft

Josh's current favorite stuffed animal.