Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Resume List

So, it's Monday (+ 40 minutes in the EST zone) and that means it's time for Monday Listicles. This week, Stasha's guest list picker is Squashed Mom, who would like us to discuss the "Top Ten Strange (odd/unusual/funny/interesting) Jobs" we've had.  Unfortunately, I don't have much to contribute here; I can't even come up with enough interesting tasks from any of the jobs.  Someday, when I am a sports photographer, I'll get back to you. :)

So let's just discuss the jobs I've had.

1. Babysitter.  I did this from about age 13-16.  After school, two hours a day.  Definitely a great gig.
2. Candy store clerk at the Wakefield "Mall."  I'm not sure who they are kidding.  It's not a mall, it's like 5 stores put together.  It was awesome because no one ever went there, so I got all of my homework done, listened to Jimmy Buffett and chatted with the security officers.  Easy peasy.
3. Survey taker for a cancer research center.  That didn't last too long.  Not a shy person kind of job.
4. Cashier at a golf store.  This was awesome until they started calling me the "Cashier with a Degree."  Then I knew I had to move on.  But I got to meet some pro golfers and hockey players, including Cam Neely.  Lots of lawyers, too.
5. Website designer for a small ISP/web design company.  I quickly became a developer (programmer) because I was much better at it, but I still think design is more fun.  I did tech support, too, and well, I'd make that its own list but I am currently suppressing those memories.
6. Website developer for a large company.  That's my current job.  I work with an international team to develop that company's website.  It's more fun than I just made it sound.  We have a great and fun group.
7. Cashier at a hockey store.  This was a part-time gig to make some extra money while at my current job.  It was a blast, and I only left it because #8 paid more, for less hours.
8. Beer pourer at Gillette Stadium.  This one was fun when drunk guys weren't yelling at me to pour their beer quicker in sub-freezing temperatures and 30mph winds.  I loved being at the Patriots games, but it was much more fun to work the Revolution games and concerts (less fuss and frostbite).  My favorite: pouring margaritas on the field during the Jimmy Buffett concert.  Oh, there's that name again.  We had a fun time, and the tips were great.  I left this one when I got pregnant with the little guy.

That's it.  Maybe I'll be able to add on someday... when I get that sports photography gig. ;)

(In training)