Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wherein I Totally Cheat on My List

For our Monday Listicles this week (I know, it's Tuesday), Stasha has asked us to share our Christmas lists.  Well, there's really only one thing I need... the winning ticket for a large lottery jackpot.  But I have already done that list.  I suppose I could add more time in the day, and also to wake up on Christmas morning with my son totally potty trained, but I can't think of much more than that.  That's not too much to ask, is it?

I found this photo the other day of some camera-related items I was wishing for last year:

Day 19: Make a List (check it twice)

I was a lucky lady this year because I got the first four for Christmas or my birthday (actually, I just ended up finding a tripod that we already had).  I'll have to put the last three on my list for this year.  I think the filter(s) will be top priority.  Anyone else wishing for camera goodies?  Any suggestions for a fast glass lens?  I'm thinking that will be a "saver-upper."

Happy Holidays, and may you get everything you wish for, especially peace and joy!

Stasha has a great list over at her blog. You can check hers (and others) out here: