Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Picture Inspiration: Week 40

Picture Inspiration: Week 40 by goaliej54
This week's theme: Grateful Day.

This was taken the day after Thanksgiving. I was grateful for the company of my son, the beautiful sunshine and warm weather, the gorgeous zoo and park that we were so lucky to be able to enjoy, the quiet and peacefulness of the path at that moment, and the fact that we were no where near a store on that Black Friday. Josh was grateful for that delicious peanut butter cracker, and his fantastically colorful monster boots!

I also want to add that today, I am grateful for the internet and the small community of other mothers and photography enthusiasts that I have met because of it.  I am shy and awkward in "real life," and have trouble making friends.  I feel like people think I am weird or rude, but I am actually very caring (sometimes too much so), and it's so much easier for me to express myself in writing.  As Brad Paisley would say, "I'm so much cooler online."  I guess I am having one of those days, but I am always grateful for the new people I get to meet and connect with, where ever it happens.  I am very much a "people person," and being shy at the same time makes it difficult.  Luckily, I have Josh to be my conversation starter, though. ;)