Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm having so much fun with Josh this Christmas season.  He just adores Santa now, and has also taken an interest in church, so I'm using the opportunity to try to teach him the real reason for the season.  We had a great Thanksgiving break together, and had some interesting conversations.  I wish I could remember and record them all, but here are a few:
  • Josh knew we were going to see Santa on Saturday. We read The Polar Express the night before, so in the morning he asked "Is it snowing out? Is the train here yet?"
  • He insists that Woodstock from Peanuts is a chicken.  As in, "There's Snoopy and his chicken!"  (He also insists that people should not eat chickens or anything else with "smilie faces."  Also, eggs should be off limits because "the baby chickens need to hatch."  Yep, I am raising a vegetarian!)  We've watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special about 10 times now.  He loves it.  I need to find our DVD of the Christmas special.  That's one of my favorites.
  • To his cousin at Thanksgiving: "I love your new boots!"
  • To another child, who was making his toy penguin fly: "Penguins don't fly!  They swim!"  We may have to tone down the know-it-all.  I had that problem at his age, too.  I may still have it now!  :)
  • When asked what he wants on his sandwich, the standard response is "Just Skippy and bread."
  • After taking a sip of his milk: "Mmm, this coffee is great.  I love coffee."
  • And my favorite... when I came home from work today, I got a big hug and an "I love you much, Mommy!"  Such a sweetie.
I can't believe my little man turns 35 months today.  One more month until three.  He is getting way too big.