Tuesday, November 22, 2011

California Dreamin'

I'm a whole week late on this one. I had grand plans for it, and no time to implement said plans, so it sat around until the week was gone. Where do my weeks go?

Anyway, Stasha (with help from guest list suggester Hopes) has asked us to make a list of things that make a great vacation. I thought I'd change it up a bit and show some places I've been.  I had fun going through some old photos and scanning them in.  They look somewhat better after being Photoshopped and Picasa-rized.  As you can see, I've enjoyed taking photos for a LONG time!

My Favorite Vacations (So Far)

1. San Francisco to Mexico
In 1989, my dad and I met his parents out in San Francisco, stayed a few days, then traveled down to San Diego.  We have family in both cities, as well as in the Los Angeles area.  We went to these places, plus Napa Valley, Redwood National Park, Ensenada, Mexico, and more.

San Francisco (1989) San Francisco (1989) San Francisco (1989) California Coast (1989) California Coast (1989)

2. Denmark
This was a work trip we took back in 2003.  We stayed in Kolding to work and participate in "Team Building" activities for the week, then some of us took a train to Copenhagen for our last night.  It was so different, and the Danish people were so nice.  We had a blast.

3. Charleston, SC
My stepfather moved to Charleston for a year or so when I was in high school, for work.  We visited him a few times (flew down in the corporate jet - fancy!) and I absolutely fell in love with the city.  I wish I could find my photos from those trip.  They are in albums somewhere around here.  Absolutely gorgeous city.

4. New Hampshire
I have been to New Hampshire so many times.  In fact, I have probably been there close to once every year I have been alive.  It's beautiful any time of the year.

New Hampshire (1993) Old Man on the Mountain, NH (1988)

5. Colorado/Arizona/Utah
This was another 2-week trip with my dad.  We started in Denver, traveled down to see my grandparents in Trinidad, then over to Durango, through Arizona (stopping at the Grand Canyon) and up through Utah (stopping at Moab for some white water rafting) and back into Denver.  I need to find these photos, too.  It was gorgeous out there.  Durango and Silverton CO were my favorites.

6. The Carolinas
I used to go with my mother's parents to North or South Carolina every year, to visit my grandfather's family.  We mainly went to the Charlotte area or Myrtle Beach.  My uncle lives down there now, so we've been to see him.  I just always feel at home there.

7. Ottawa
I don't know what it is about Canada's capital city, but I love it.  I have been three times now, and have skated on the canal in the winter, enjoyed the Canada Day celebration in the summer, and taken in a Senators game, among other things.  I love going to Canada, but to Ottawa especially.

8. Orlando
Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Sea World... I love it all.  I have been there about 7 times, if my math is correct.  This last time, we took Joshua, and he still talks about it all the time.  Like, every time he sees an airplane.  I can't wait to take him back!

Disneyworld 2011

9. Washington DC
I went there a few times in high school, back when I was obsessed with politics.  I'd love to go back someday, maybe when Josh is older and can appreciate it.

Washington DC (1994)

10. Local Trips
I realize NH is local, but I like it enough to give it its own place in the list. :)  There are many other interesting places within a 4 hour radius of my home, especially for history buffs like myself.  Right now, revisiting Sturbridge Village and Walden Pond are high on my list.

I live 3.5 hours from NYC - those photos were taken on a school trip in 1988.

NYC (1988) NYC (1988)
I am minutes from Providence, or the ocean.  The boat shot is from 1990ish, and the Providence shot from 1998ish, before the Providence Place Mall, Waterplace Park, and many of the surrounding buildings were built (I need to go get a new shot to compare).

Narragansett Bay, RI (1990?) Providence (1998?)

And I am an hour from Boston.  The first shot of the New England Aquarium is from 1985, the second from this September.

Boston (1985) IMG_1973

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to travel more in the future.  High on my list: Ireland.  I definitely need to get there someday!