Monday, December 27, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Days 24-26

I am up way too late tonight, but Josh's toys are finally out of the boxes and assembled, and I've gone through all of my holidays photos (they'll get posted tomorrow). The wind is howling outside, as we're in the middle of a blizzard. I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow; should be a lazy day, at least. We've had our share of running around this weekend, so it will be nice. Hopefully, Josh will get to try out his new sled and snowsuit tomorrow, too.

Here are the results of my assignments from Christmas weekend.

Friday's theme was "Enchantment." We were to look at things with childlike wonder and awe, and try to translate that visually. The moon and stars instill this sort of awe in me. So, this shot was perfect for me.

Day 24: Enchantment

Saturday, we were to try for a nontraditional shot as a special memento of the day, but I was all documentary and zero creativity that day (too hectic). I loved this photo I took today of Josh at our neighbor's house, though, so I used that. Still not really creative, but it captures some magic of the holiday season.

Day 25: This Magic Moment

Finally, today we were to show the aftermath of our holiday celebration. I avoided the dirty dishes (and the sheet of 30 stickers I had to apply to one of Josh's new toys) and showed some of Josh's new clothes before I put them in the wash.

Day 26: The Day After

The kid made out like a bandit, that's for sure!