Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picture the Holidays | Day 27

Today's assignment was to go outside and take a breath of fresh air. And of course, to photograph something out there. I took this photo quickly while playing with Josh. He had his first real snow experience today. We went sledding (i.e., I pulled him around the driveway in his baby sled), made snowballs, and rolled around in the snow. I think he liked it (esp. the sledding) but it was really cold and windy. We went inside when his little face was nice and red. That didn't take long.

Day 27: A Breath of Fresh Air

I didn't share this with the workshop, but here are a couple of other photos I liked from the day. First, while we were inside, we noticed a couple of deer outside in the woods. I didn't get a great photo, but it was fun to watch them.

Deer in the Yard

I also liked this one I took tonight of the snow and the lights.

Snow Lights

So beautiful, that snow. Fun, too. I love this time of year.