Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Countdown: Week 35

With less than five weeks to go, it feels like my belly is getting bigger everyday. Carrying this baby is getting less comfortable, but it won't be much longer until this journey is done and we're on to our next adventure -- raising the child! Kevin is making some good progress on the nursery and it looks like he should almost be done by the end of the weekend with the painting, moldings, etc. Next week should be full of setting up furniture, and washing and organizing baby clothes. I'm looking forward to that, as my nesting instinct is in full gear. I have a lot of energy this week, although I have been advised (by email newsletters and friends who have been there) to save up as much of this energy as I can! We went for another check-up last week. I gained a lot of weight in two weeks and my blood pressure is a little high, so the doctor was a little bit concerned. But other than that, I seem to be in good health. I felt pretty bloated last week, so I have been trying to cut down on sodium and drink more water this week, and feel somewhat better. Hopefully, that is all I needed. There was some good news, too -- the baby is no longer breech. This explains why my bladder feels like it's the size of a pea! We had a really quick ultrasound done to confirm this. We didn't get any pictures, but did get to see the baby's head for a couple of minutes. He is looking much less alien these days. We traveled to North Smithfield and North Kingstown to visit family yesterday on Thanksgiving. We had some really good eats, but I did a good job of controlling the amount I ate. There's not much room for my stomach to expand anymore. I also have to avoid dairy as much as possible, as it's been giving me some pretty bad stomachaches. I can drink skim milk, but that's about it. We enjoyed some good company and then came home and did some work around the house. There's so much to do right now! Hopefully, we will get the majority of it done before the baby arrives.

Thanksgiving 2008

Kevin's sister was kind enough to take this photo for us yesterday. Man, do I look huge! I'll post some nursery photos as the work progresses.