Thursday, November 20, 2014

Currently: My Math Wiz and Lots of Rambling

I'm once again joining Lindsey from Ot and Et, Randalin from Harvesting Kale, and others to share what is "currently" going on with us, based on the week's themes.

This week's themes are:
finding, writing, dressing, thinking, beginning


I had to move my desk at work this week, and I have been finding all kinds of fun artifacts. I can't believe I had been in my old desk for about six and a half years (I was pregnant last time we moved). Oh, and I found lots and lots of dust. I tried to corral it all with a Swiffer today. Hopefully that will help because my nose is mad at me.


I took last week off from writing because it was a busy one. Also, I haven't had much to write about lately. That's not a bad thing at all, just doing a lot of internal processing. I do love to write, though. I wish I had more hours. Right now, I tend to be way too much about photos and genealogy when I have free time, but that's OK. I have a lot of interests. And other times, I just need to veg.


Mmm... dressing. I am ready for Thanksgiving. Seriously though, I usually call that "stuffing," and if I eat too much of it, I won't be dressing very stylishly anytime soon. This week, I have been dressing rather warmly, actually, as it's pretty cold these days. I don't mind, though. I love this hoodie and sweater (and toque!) weather. I just need to find some gloves. And my snow scraper, if Buffalo ever decides to stop hogging all the snow and share some with us! (Yeah, I'm pretty certain they would if they could.)


Josh has always liked numbers and gotten basic math concepts, but this week, I am beginning to see just how well he gets it, and enjoys thinking about and manipulating numbers (just like his mama). He has a chart of numbers that he has written out, with the numbers lined up in groups of ten, and he was studying it one morning.

I think he was only supposed to go to 50. #overachiever

"Mom, did you know that ten tens makes one hundred?"

Pretty good. I explained that this is a concept that he'll be learning later called multiplication, "So ten sets of ten makes one hundred, and you say 'Ten times ten equals one hundred.'"

Without a pause: "Oh OK, so ten times eleven is one hundred and ten."

Cool, he gets it!

Earlier in the week, we were traveling in the car with my father and step-mother. Josh had brought twelve toys over to their house, which he remembered because we also had to bring the piece of paper on which he wrote the number twelve, so everyone would be counted, and no one would be left behind. He only brought four toys to the restaurant with us, and my step-mother wanted to teach him how to figure out how many toys were still at her house. By the time she finished asking me what I thought would be the easiest way to help him figure it out, he said, "Eight. I counted it backwards in my head." Crazy kid. He continued to correctly answer every addition question we asked after that, too (forty plus sixty is one hundred... duh!).

Come to think of it, he's always writing random numbers all over the place. He writes them on his school papers sometimes, like 3895-294874-3948, and tells me that's his password. Maybe I'm raising a math genius, or at least a math nerd like me. And all I keep thinking is, "Please God, don't let there be Common Core AP Calculus when he's in high school."

Loves vehicles and math and wants to be an engineer. I think his path is clear.
Well, if he doesn't decide to be President or a doctor or an actor instead.