Friday, October 17, 2014

Currently: Being Kind to Myself and Promoting Creativity

I discovered today that one of my favorite Instagrammers is also a blogger, which was super exciting because I am looking forward to reading more about her two adorable children and all the good times they have. Her son is just three days younger than Joshua -- the coolest little dude -- and his younger sister is just the cutest (and apparently, toughest) little cookie.

Lindsey is co-hosting a link-up called "Currently." In her words: "The deal: Use our themes or use your own - just let us know what is 'currently' going on with you! Be sure to stop by and say hello to the other bloggers linking up - especially to my amazing co-host at Harvesting Kale." Sounds good to me; I'll play along.

This week's themes: appreciating, feeling, looking, regretting, playing

Tonight, I am appreciating those make me feel like I contribute something to society, especially when others tend to brush me off. We all want to feel like we are part of something, that we are worthy and important and needed. I appreciate when others appreciate me. I also appreciate the wonderful nurses and doctors and medical students at Beth Israel hospital in Boston, who have helped my brother recover from illness. He has been in and out of the hospital since August, and in for about a month this last round. He has been doing so much better since they have started caring for him up there, and I am so thankful for that. Hopefully, it's nothing but recovery and health from here.

I am feeling tired. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I'd like to do. I suppose I could skip television, but then I wouldn't be feeling as inspired as I was after watching The Biggest Loser tonight. I'm signing up for the gym this weekend! I'm feeling ready to make a lot of positive changes in my life.

I'm looking for someone to buy some old furniture. Anyone in the tri-state area interested? I need to get it out of storage because it's expensive, but I have to admit I am paranoid about having to meet people if I were to place an ad on Craig's List. I may just donate the couch and chair, but the dining room set was expensive, and I'd like to get some money for it.

Cow and Sheep navigate the corn maze
I'm not really regretting anything, except maybe not being as productive as I wanted to be this weekend. OK, who am I kidding? That Once Upon a Time marathon was totally worth it. Sometimes you need to veg. I'm currently working on improving my self-worth, and being kind to myself and allowing myself to rest and taking care of myself is vital to that.

I'm looking forward to playing with Joshua this weekend. Our current "game" is "Chicken Tornado 6: Kitty's Adventure," in which Kitty the cat meets all of her animal friends (inspired by The Muppet Movie).  There is also a spin-off, played at Nana's house, called "Cow and Sheep Meet the World," which led to the very awesome creation of a Super Trash Jet Plane (a box converted to an airplane, in which the animals can travel). Playing with Josh is always interesting. There are plot lines and scripts, and even musical numbers (some written by the playwright himself). Each animal has a very distinctive personality (and voice). If this kid doesn't grow up to make movies, he'll be making Broadway musicals. Although, in his words, "I want to be everything when I grow up, but especially an engineer and a poop doctor."

There you go.

So... how YOU doing?