Monday, October 27, 2014

A Day (and Night) at the Zoo

Last Sunday, Joshua and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. We met up with my mother for dinner, and later returned with her and my cousin's family to see the incredible pumpkin display at the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Monkey boy


Kookaburra, not laughing

Just a random peacock running around while we ate lunch... but I'm pretty sure our zoo doesn't have peacocks.

Joshua got a new zebra stuffed animal, so they had to pose with the camels in front of the foliage. Nothing odd about this photo at all!

Red Panda. My fave!

The snow leopard leapt about 10 feet in the air (maybe higher) to get on this tree trunk. Like it was nothing.

One cool dude

Playing in the treehouse. He loves anything with tubes and gears!

Awesome pumpkin, this is.

Josh's favorite pumpkin

Carver at work

Pumpkins at night

Spooky scarecrows




Vampires! (My favorite one)



The Laughing Tree

The artwork on the pumpkins was amazing as always, and it's always incredible to walk around the trail, in the dark, with thousands of glowing pumpkins everywhere. This is one Autumn event that we never miss. For more photos, please see my Flickr album.

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