Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: August

It appears I pretty much took the summer off from blogging, and in some ways, photography (I've tried to keep up with Instagram, at least). I knew I would be MIA for at least a few weeks while moving, but things ended up getting more hectic than I thought, especially in August. Some of this was good, some not so good, but I think everything will be OK in the end. Here's a peek into some of the fun that we had in August.

Roger Williams Park Zoo Members Night

IMG_0812 IMG_0811
IMG_0800 IMG_0793
_MG_0833 _MG_0824

Washington County Fair

_MG_0912 IMG_0902

First Day of Kindergarten

20140828_081911 20140828_081922

St. Anthony's Feast, Boston

IMG_0941 IMG_0943 IMG_0962 IMG_0947

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