Saturday, March 29, 2014

[360/365] Evening Commute

I can't complain about my ride home from work. It's rather beautiful. I'm glad I get to ride home in the daylight at this time of year, too.

[360/365] Evening Commute



There was even enough light to do a little sledding with Joshua when I got home. I think it might be gone after this weekend, so we enjoyed it while we could. The snow was rock solid and slippery as ice, and we not only slid down with the sled, but without it, as well. Too fun, channeling our inner penguins. Joshua was singing the ice harvesters' song from Frozen while we played, and pretended to climb our ice/snow "mountain" while telling me that "ice is my life." My little Kristoff and I even enjoyed just laying on the snow, looking up to watch the planes and the trees. The cold never bothered us, that's for sure.