Friday, March 14, 2014

[346/365] Arctic Life

As I was looking into pre-ordering Frozen for Joshua (Who am I kidding? It's for me.) today, I realized that it couldn't have come out in a better winter. I almost captioned this, "That's Enough, Elsa," but I honestly don't mind the snow. It was about 15F this morning, and I didn't even feel cold when I walked outside. Winter is still here for now, and I am fine with that. And I am totally allowed to complain about heat this Summer because I am being such a good camper right now.



[346/365] Arctic Life

"It will only be a dusting," the weatherman promised. "You won't even have to shovel." That was right for the most part...



... until I came home to my own driveway, of course. But I'm not shoveling. It will be in the mid-50s this weekend and it can melt then. ;)