Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[263/365] In the Zone

On Friday, I had a couple of holiday work events, which meant I had to be social. Well, I guess I didn't have to, but I wanted to. While I like the people I work with and enjoy their company, these types of events really stress me out. I always feel so shy and awkward, and nervous. I try to make conversation with people, but I end up feeling like I sound like an idiot, and that people must hate me after they talk to me. But whether people really think I am some kind of loser, or if it's all in my head, I could really stand to be nicer to myself.

I had a few escapes that day, at least. First, a quiet drive home in between events, with time to stop and take a few photos. And afterwards, a hockey game, and more photos. These are my comfort zones, and it's nice to have them. It's interesting: the one thing that tends to bind my comforting times seems to be photography. I use it when I am afraid of heights (I'll just get a nice photo of that awesome view while on the ferris wheel, instead of freaking out), so maybe I can find other times to use it when I am feeling nervous.