Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MixTape: Story Songs

This week's MixTape theme is: "Epic tunes, I'm looking for songs that are in a story format. Not just poetic words that share an emotion, but songs that stray from the norm. I want a beginning middle and end."

I'm not sure if this is going to be epic, but here are some songs that tell a story.

Blake Shelton - "Ol' Red"

When I first saw we were doing songs with a story this week, I knew I had to use a Blake Shelton song, and this one came to mind first. Back when Blake was just a country artist and not a coach on The Voice, I went to see him in New Bedford, MA as part of our local country station's "Storyteller Concert Series." I paid about $15 to sit maybe five or six rows away. Pretty awesome. It was just Blake and his guitar on stage, and he'd tell a story and then play a song. I remember him talking about a songwriter he knew who would almost turn on a frequency in his head and pick up songs to write. It was intriguing. Then, he sang this song, which I got a kick out of. Good stuff.

Miranda Lambert - "Dry Town"

Blake's wife is an amazing writer and storyteller, too. This song always cracks me up. An alcoholic's worst nightmare?

Brad Paisley - "Welcome to the Future"

Not technically a full story, I suppose -- more like some smaller stories. But I like the message.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - "Parents Just Don't Understand"

OK, here's a non-country one. The country songs are so easy, because country music is so often based on telling stories.  These guys told the best stories, too, though. I wish I had thought to use "Nightmare on My Street" for my Halloween mix!

Jamey Johnson - "In Color"

This is another song with a few small stories, but I love it because it talks about the way photographs tell stories. Besides enjoying taking photos, I love looking through my family's old photos and seeing the stories of my ancestors.

The Waitresses - "Christmas Wrapping"

What? Too early? I love this song, and story. "You mean you forgot cranberry, too?"

What story songs do you love?

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